Does sweetgreen deliver?


Sweetgreen Does Not Deliver

Sweetgreen has focused on improving their in-store and online ordering experience so that their customers can pick up their healthy, gluten-free salads as efficiently as possible. They pretty much perfected it and drop it on your lap. Don’t take it literally because sweetgreen does not deliver, unfortunately.

But you already know that; you’ve been on sweetgreen’s online ordering website and in the app multiple times and not once have you seen a delivery option or something that said “Feeling lazy, we’ll deliver to you, you lazy beet!”

Here’s How to Get Sweetgreen Delivered

Though the company itself doesn’t offer up delivery, you do have the option of third-party delivery services that will pick the order up for you and deliver it to your doorstep. Some of these “on-demand delivery” companies that are at your sweetgreen service are Postmates, Caviar and Door Dash. They are the conduit between the restaurant and the customer.

Unfortunately, there are fees associated with using their services — last time I checked, the deivery fee was $4.99 for Door Dash and $7.99 for Postmates. Sorry if we kaled your vibe.

Just Get Off Your Couch

Listen, the 35-45 minutes it might take you to receive your order from Postmates or Door Dash, you could order through the app, jump in your car (or walk) to your nearest location and pick it up. Not to mention the $5-8 you would save and the exercise. It’s raining? Oh okay, it’s worth it then.