Kale Caesar

Sweetgreen Salad Name: Kale Caesar

Ingredients in Kale Caesar:

Ingredients in Sweetgreen’s Kale Caesar: shredded kale, chopped romaine, parmesan crisp, shaved parmesan, roasted chicken, tomatoes, fresh lime squeeze, caesar dressing

Description of Kale Caesar:

Where is Kale Caesar at sweetgreen from: The Kale Caesar is a yummy riff off a classic salad. The lime adds a nice kick while the crisp kale gives it a fantabuloso crunch. It’s a pretty straight forward salad, but if you’re hankering for a caesar it’s a great one.

How Many Calories Are in a Kale Caesar?

What’s the calories? 420-430 calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread before check-out, add 100 calories.